Saturday, May 29, 2004


So I decided to start a flame war with another blog, What is a flame war, exactly? Is that when you send each other obscene text messages? Well, that’s not quite what I have in mind, more I want to periodically respond to their posts—
they are, best I can tell, a bunch of Republican Lawyers, RL from here on out. Just so the record is straight, I’m left left left, I mean there’s not a place for me on the fuckin spectrum. I think the problem, ultimately, is that we’re all so conservative, I mean psychologically not politically. But that’s a long tangent I’ll avoid.
Point is I’m getting all self-referential, ‘self’ here being that great Blog of which we are all part.
Anyway. I’m liberal, they’re political, fucking boring.
So I’m going to try to be meta, see what we’re actually disagreeing about.

Except the most recent time, regrettably, I agree: The UCB law prof who is being protested because he wrote a brief about to whom the Geneva Convention applies. not, mind you, about the morality of doing X to Y under any circumstances whatsoever—about that, we have no idea, thank you. About to whom the Geneva Convention applies, I also have no real idea, but then I’m not a lawyer. The prof wrote a good opinion or a bad one, yet another thing I don't know. Critique the opinion, by all means! But don’t protest the guy for discharging his duty as a lawyer, not to mention his duty as a fucking man. or woman. got me all worked up.


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