Saturday, March 19, 2005


you'd think they would spend this much energy dealing with the fact of the ghetto, the fact of the malnutrition of thousands if not millions of young dusky children. of the fact that their schools are deep disasters, cesspools, pure wreckage.
No; they have better things to deal with. So for example there is a brain dead woman who needs to be subponed. Brain dead, mind you. Not going to recover, or else everything we know about the brain is wrong.
Well, they insist, if we let this one go the liberals'll be pushing pillows into their parents faces to gather up inheritances.
Braindead, mind you. Gone as gone ever is.
The hypocrisy of it all (we can execute the mentally retarded and the young and the horrifically abused, their 'right to life' can be cast aside in the name of vengeance) is striking. The husband has heard from her lips that she doesn't want the endless technicality of machine-given life, of a pump shoving breath down into her lungs again and again and again until the power fails.
Our brave congressmen are willing to cast aside everything else to fight for this dead woman's life. While children starve and genocides continue their slow simmer and schools fail. Let us save this dead woman, whatever the cost.


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