Saturday, June 26, 2004

So. Saw the new Michael Moore movie. So. There are parts that are unfair. Like Bush frozen for 7 minutes after hearing of the second plane, striking the second tower, after hearing ‘America is under attack’. Many of us would freeze there, and in that way he is beyond approach. But he is the commander in chief, the one we are expected to be able to turn to in times of direst need, and in that sense his behavior that day makes him worthy, primarily, of our distrust.
But that aside, the movie is frightening, depressing. Most, perhaps, because it reveals the cowardice of the Left, sitting idly by, allowing so much, at so many opportunities.
Christopher Hitchens, writing in Slate, tries to dismiss the whole thing because he doesn’t like Moore’s personality—but he does little to dispute the facts, the facts simple and plain enough to cause us outrage, grief, pain and shame.
And he resorts to an even-more simple-minded logic, simple denunciations, forcing everything into a binary which, the facts not fitting, he can dismiss as Moore’s failing—though he is the one doing the forcing.
Anyway. The movie has its failings, yes! But go to the basic facts, and dispute those, you vitriolic windbag! Dispute those, dispute those.


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